Where to place a fibreglass mesh

SolutionWhere to place a fibreglass mesh

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The joints of the brickwork with the slabs, pillars or lintels of door and window frames are singular points of the façade where the stresses derived from the work accumulate. For this reason, they must be treated appropriately to avoid cracking of the single layer mortar or lime mortar.

The usual treatment consists of using an anti-alkali fibreglass or polyester mesh, with a 10 mm x 10 mm clearance, weighing 110 g/m2, as reinforcement and reinforcement of the cladding at these points.

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20 x 40 cm pieces of mesh should be placed in the corners of the gaps.

The mesh must cover at least 20 cm on each side of the joints between different materials.

It should be centred on the thickness of the coating.


Apply a first coat of single-coat mortar from theREVAT®range to the substrate.On smooth, low absorbent surfaces, usePROPAM® GRIP+ primer.

While it is still cool, lay the mesh by hand and press it down with the trowel.

A second coat of single-layer mortar is applied to the mesh, preferably when the first coat is still fresh.


Do not place the mesh directly on the support as this prevents the mesh from doing its job.

The mesh must be centred in the thickness of the coating, and care must be taken not to place it too close to the surface of the single-layer mortar, as it could be exposed during the execution of the finish when scraping.