Ceramic tile installation: joints Cementitious & epoxies

All about ceramic tile installation: Joints

In addition to ceramic tile installation, Molins also has a range for joint sealing. These are more resistant sealing solutions, easy to apply, maintain and clean, and even specially designed for contact with aggressive environments.


More about Ceramic Tile Installation: Joints

In this section it is important to take into account different aspects that will determine the solution to be used in each case. Among them is the grouting of ceramic stoneware tiles, which has recently been associated with the “quality finish” label. In this case, Molins proposes using its Borada Porcelanica solution to fill joints easily, ensuring maximum adhesion to the tile profile and high mechanical and abrasion performance. For grouting anti-acid joints on surfaces that are in contact with chemical products, aggressive cleaning, acids or solvents, joints with special characteristics such as watertightness or resistance are required, a solution provided by Borada Epoluxe, whose components harden by chemical reaction without loss of volume.

For cementitious joints, Molins advises paying attention to the type of surface, as rustic stoneware, for example, generally has a rough surface that hinders cleaning, and terracotta or terracotta requires prior protective treatment. From greater to lesser thickness or anti-mould effect, different solutions could be used for each case: Borada Universal, Borada Porcelánica and Borada Plus respectively. The same solutions that Molins also recommends for the execution of the pool joints, whose aesthetic quality is conditioned both by the correct execution of the ceramic tiling and by the execution of the installation joints. In the case of pools with high demands, Molins has Boralastic with Borada Porcelánica or Borada Universal, or the joint resistant to saline chlorination BORADA EPOLUXE.