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The waterproofing range is one of Propamsa's most extensive. It has flexible cementitious solutions that act for and against hydrostatic pressure, acrylic, bituminous or polyurethane, as well as solutions adapted to the needs of all types of applications such as the waterproofing of new construction foundations, swimming pools, bathrooms. bathroom, basements, garages, balconies, terraces, walls affected by capillary rise, etc.


More about Waterproofing Systems

Propamsa’s waterproofing solutions are broad, versatile and adjust to different construction needs, offering professionals the characteristics that best adapt to the demands of their work.

Thus, we have solutions such as Propam Cal Sec, a dehumidifying mortar for facades and walls made of stone, brick, concrete blocks and composites affected by humidity, capillary rise and efflorescence, which cause the degradation of the lower part of the walls, generating unhealthy environments in homes. It is indicated for the restoration and rehabilitation of old buildings or preventing damp in new construction, something basic.

Its characteristics include high breathability and water vapor permeability, it is suitable for mechanical or manual spraying, it allows any type of finish (smooth, scraped, floated, swirled, etc.), high impermeability to rainwater, great resistance and adhesion, all with a highly decorative finish.

Molins continues to reduce the humidity that rises through the foundations and walls of our homes with the creation of a chemical barrier, Propam Cream, a water-repellent cream product that is injected via gun.

But there is more. We also have Propam Impe or Propam Impe Flex to waterproof foundations of old or new construction, especially buried elements, preventing the soil’s own humidity from reaching the work, through a waterproof barrier. Equally important is waterproofing basements, garages or elevator pits, critical areas that are very prone to humidity, whose waterproofing is vital to protect the building’s coatings. Its use is also available on terraces, decks, bathrooms, swimming pools and shower trays as waterproofing under ceramics.

Likewise, we have products such as Propam Tapavías to seal and plug water areas under pressure, such as retaining walls, tanks, pipes or tunnels. It is an ultra-fast setting mortar that is very easy to apply. Molins thus offers multiple options for any type of humidity to combat.