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For the treatment and maintenance of joints, Molins offers sealants, foams, hydro-expansive profiles or elastic bands, auxiliaries to waterproofing systems with high fixation and elasticity.


More about Joint treatment

Joints are a key element in structures and buildings, they need specific products and special attention, the required qualities are waterproofing capacity, high resistance and elasticity. For this reason, at Molins we have different solutions to give them special care and treatment.

Among them is Betoflex M20, an elastic adhesive putty for sealing joints, as well as for fixing construction elements, since it has excellent adhesion to most materials and rapid polymerization by reaction with environmental humidity. It is used to seal joints in walls and ceilings and for gluing, sealing and fixing decorative and construction elements, such as tiles, gutters, drains, etc.

Among our solutions for sealing joints we also have Bentostrip, it is a hydroexpansive profile composed of 75% natural sodium bentonite and 25% butyl rubber, designed for sealing joints and cracks with the presence of water. , since the impermeability characteristics of bentonite are highly suitable for expanding upon contact with water.

Another of our strengths are highly elastic and waterproof thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) bands, for sealing all types of joints subject to movement or encounters that require security and watertight waterproofing. The Betotape range are great allies of waterproofing systems to overcome all types of expansion or movement joints.