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We have a wide range of insulation systems that are composed of a wide variety of products; mortars, meshes, profiles, fixing plugs and insulating honeycombs, among others. The star product is the Propam Aisterm system, a complete solution available in multiple finishes, which reduces energy and heat losses in the home by at least 30%, improving thermal comfort and reducing energy costs.

The advantages of the SATE system

Economic and energy savings

Reduction of thermal bridges

Reduction of the risk of dampness

Improved comfort and quality of life

No decrease in usable area

Protects the building structure

Variety of systems according to needs

Wide range of colours, textures and finishes.

sate systems


The new family of exterior thermal insulation systems (SATE) developed from our firm commitment to sustainability. It is composed of new systems that provide solutions adapted to the circular economy.

BM Comfort

Enjoy the comfort of the best insulation

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BM ceramic finish

Ceramic tiles are also suitable for façades with external insulation.

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Cal Nature BM

The most natural and sustainable finish for the SATE facade

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sate systems


We provide solutions to your comfort needs, offering an advisory service prior to project development and on-site assistance to ensure optimum results.


Enjoy the comfort of the best insulation

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Comfort +

Maximum comfort with a lower final thickness on your façade

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Insulate your building thermally and from outside noise.

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Your façade insulated but also protected in a damp environment

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Mineral insulation

Robustness, compactness and optimal insulation

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Ceramic finish

Ceramic tiling as a final finish

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Lime Nature

The most natural and sustainable finish for the SATE facade

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Your façade protected from knocks, impacts and damp.

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More about SATE

Thermal insulation is one of the main concerns in building and renovation today, as we find ourselves in a context in which energy is becoming progressively more expensive and it has been proven that buildings are the main energy predators in cities, in fact, energy consumption in dwellings accounts for 20% of the country’s total consumption. In fact, energy consumption in housing accounts for 20% of the country’s total consumption, which is why, in a context in which climate protection is a priority, it is urgent to protect buildings thermally, as thermal insulation systems allow energy savings of at least 30%, which also has a positive impact on citizens’ wallets.

In order to improve the energy efficiency of the building stock, Molins has designed the Propam Aisterm solution, an external thermal insulation system (SATE), certified by the Torroja Institute by means of the European Technical Suitability Document (ETA) and a European Technical Assessment (ETA) offering different types of thermal insulation (EPS panels, XPS, rock wool) and finishes (single-layer mortars, acrylic or ceramic).

The main advantage of this external insulation solution is that it reduces thermal bridges in the building, which minimises energy wastage by reducing energy exchanges between the interior and exterior. This system makes it possible to maintain a comfortable temperature in the building in all seasons. Moreover, as it is an external intervention, it does not reduce the interior space of the home, nor does it interrupt its habitability during its installation, a solution which, in addition to guaranteeing comfort in the home, also saves energy and money. In addition, it protects the environment, as it avoids the abuse of thermostats, which helps to reduce CO₂ emissions.