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MOLINS's line of lime coatings has a whole series of lime mortars that adapt to different surfaces depending on the needs of professionals. All of them have in common their high breathability and easy handling, which makes any type of work quicker and easier.


More about Lime Coatings

In the case of lime coatings, the Technical Building Code (CTE), makes the suitability of the application of lime mortars a very topical issue, as they comply satisfactorily with the Basic Documents HS1 (protection against damp) and HS3 (indoor air quality). This is due to the fact that the use of lime as a binder provides mortars with bioclimatic capacity by allowing the walls to transpire due to its high permeability to water vapour, facilitating comfort and indoor air quality, while at the same time waterproofing against rainwater.

With these premises, Molins has given rise to the Revat Cal system mortars, which are characterised by their impermeability to rainwater, being highly breathable and permeable to water vapour, indispensable in renovation operations on old walls, highly resistant to attacks by salts from the wall and with mechanical and elastic characteristics that are highly compatible with the traditional materials that make up the original construction. Furthermore, they are very good workability and creaminess, and are useful for both indoor and outdoor application. Thus, Molins has managed to develop the ideal solution to perpetuate over time the durability of old buildings, even those with historical and artistic value made of stone, brick or volcanic tuff, providing very natural finishes and high aesthetic quality. And there is more, as it also has lime stuccos for decorative interior and exterior finishes that mimic traditional coatings. These are Revat Lime Traditional, Revat Lime Stucco and Revat Lime Fine.