How to waterproof a cellar, garage, wall, lift shaft…

The appearance of damp in basements, garages, underground walls, lift shafts, etc… is one of the most common construction defects that causes unhealthy environments and the degradation of coatings.

The solution is to applyPROPAM® IMPE, PROPAM® IMPE FLEX, i.e. a waterproofing coating that acts as a moisture barrier.

In the absence of barriers, moisture from the ground rises by capillary action to the walls above.

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When they get into the plaster, they form stains and generate unhealthy and unhealthy environments.

The constant presence of moisture in the plaster leads to its degradation.

To achieve waterproofing in basements, lift shafts, garages and concrete walls, it is necessary to usePROPAM® IMPE, i.e. a hydraulic waterproofing coating mortar above and below the water table and which also works under counter-pressure.

When better performance is required, usePROPAM® IMPE FLEXorFLEXITEC, waterproofing mortars with high adhesion and flexibility in the case of substrates subjected to small movements or vibrations.When applyingPROPAM® IMPE, PROPAM® IMPE FLEX , proceed as follows:

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Check the condition of the support, making sure that it is firm and resistant.

Repair and level degraded areas prior to the application of the waterproof coating.


MixPROPAM® IMPE, PROPAM® IMPE FLEXwith a slow electric mixer (500 rpm) and 24% clean water until a smooth, lump-free slurry is obtained.

Prior to application, the substrate must be slightly moistened with water.

When the surface is quite uneven, it is advisable to apply a first coat with a mortar consistency with the help of a trowel (approximately 20% water).

Apply a first coat to the previously dampened surface with a brush or roller in one direction only.Do not spread the material excessively. Leave a good layer so that the waterproofing is correct (1-2 mm per layer).

After 24 hours, apply a second coat in a cross direction with respect to the first coat.

The final finishing ofPROPAM® IMPEcan be done by trowelling or trowelling.


  • Repair degraded concrete substrates with the appropriate repair mortar from thePROPAM® REPAR TECHNO range, prior to the application of the waterproofing mortar(PROPAM® IMPE,PROPAM® IMPE FLEX,FLEXITEC).
  • UsePROPAM® TAPAVÍASto stop water leaks.
  • Use PROPAM® CRISTAL in case of continuous moisture weeping in the wall.