Laying ceramic tiles on large-format bricks

Large-format partition systems are a construction solution that allows partition walls to be built quickly, with a minimum number of joints and a high level of finished flatness.

The good planimetry characteristic of this type of partition wall makes it possible to tile directly into it.

The water absorption of large format bricks and the plaster-based adhesive used for their installation determine the choice of a suitable adhesive mortar.

For correct installation, it is necessary to use a glue mortar that guarantees optimum adhesion without sagging, PAM® ECOGEL PORCEL.

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Brush or wipe the surface of the large bricks with a damp sponge to remove dust and dirt from the brickwork.

Apply PROPAM® DUR to the substrate, when the partition is excessively coated with plaster glue residues.


Spread PAM® ECOGEL PORCELon the substrate with a notched trowel and check that the open time of the adhesive has not expired.

Place the pieces, exerting good pressure on them, until the grooves are completely flattened.

Leave a minimum joint width of 2 mm and grout after 24 hours with the BORADA®range of joint mortars byMolins.


  • Use the double gluing technique when the tile format is greater than 900 cm² and always when the difference in planimetry is greater than 10 mm.
  • VAT® SUPER, VAT® EXTRA can be used if the pieces are smaller than 30 cm on a side.
  • For laying large tiles >90 cm from one side, use PAM® ECOGEL FLEX.