Laying a ceramic floor tile over an old one

SolutionLaying a ceramic floor tile over an old one

System description

The social need for change, for innovation, together with the wear and tear and deterioration that occurs in ceramic floor tiles due to their use, leads to an increase in the replacement of these by others of different formats and trends.

Ceramic floor tiles deteriorate with daily use.

Traditionally, it was necessary to remove the old pavement and replace it with a new one.

Before the new installation, the substrate had to be properly prepared, which meant that execution times were lengthened.

Current designs, with large formats, have their own manufacturing warping, which can cause difficulties in their installation.

These defects can generate voids between the bonding material, the tile and the substrate, leading over time to damage to the tiles and sometimes to their subsequent detachment.

For a correct installation without removing the old substrate and allowing a quick start-up, an adhesive with high adhesion power, such asPAM® ECOGEL FLEX or PAM® ECOGEL SUPERFLEX in fluid consistency, should be used.

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Solution: laying a ceramic floor on top of an old one


Clean the substrate thoroughly and open the pore with water and 50% hydrochloric acid (salfuman). Clean the remains with plenty of water.


KneadPAM® ECOGEL FLEXwith the quantity of water in a fluid consistency until perfectly homogenised, pour the material and comb with the aid of a semi-circular notched trowel.

Place the pieces and exert good pressure on them, using back-and-forth movements, until the grooves are completely flattened.

Leave a minimum joint of 2 mm between tiles and then fill it with the BORADA® range of joint mortars by Molins®.


  • PROPAM® GRIP + adhesion primer can be applied to guarantee the bond to the substrate.
  • In case of important flatness defects, a levelling up to 10 mm can be carried out with NIVELANTE 10 over the PROPAM® GRIP + primer, 24 hours before the ceramic tile installation.
  • For fast commissioning, useVAT® FLEX RAPID.
  • Carry out an adequate treatment of movement joints, respecting structural joints, perimeter joints (in spaces larger than 7 m²) and intermediate joints (in interiors every 40 m² and in exteriors every 10 to 25 m²).