BORADA® PLUS is a special mortar based on cement, aggregates with a selected grain size, resins, organic additives and stable mineral pigments



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Fields of application

Filling joints up to 15 mm wide between ceramic tiles on any kind of floor or wall, both indoors and outdoors.
In ceramic tiles with microporosities check previously its ease of cleanliness or consult the Technical Assistance Service (SAT/TAS).
For filling joints narrower than 1 mm use BORADA® PORCELÁNICA.
For watertight or antiacid joints, use BORADA® EPOLUXE.


Excellent workability.
Good mechanical and abrasion strength.
Hardening without cracking.
Anti-mould effect.
Water resistant.
Light stable colours.
Good resistance to acids (pH > 3).
Short waiting times before cleaning, and also short trafficability and service times.
Suitable for floors with underfloor heating installation.


The amount of BORADA® PLUS to use depends on the thickness and width of the joints, and the size of the ceramic materia

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