BORADA® EPOLUXE is two-component product based on selected silica sands, special additives and reactive resins, which hardens by chemical reaction without losing volume. It can be used as adhesive.



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Fields of application

Filling watertight and/or antiacid joints, up to 20 mm wide between ceramic tiles on any type of indoor or outdoor oor or wall. In ceramic tiles with microporosities check previously its ease of cleanliness or consult the Technical Assistance Service (SAT/TAS).
Ideal for residential and industrial floors and walls, exposed to permanent or occasional contact with chemical agents. Ideal for special ceramic tiles in kitchens, swimming pools, thermal baths, showers, commercial premises, etc.
Antiacid tile xing on common non-deformable building substrates.


Very good applicability and cleaning.
Avoids the development of bacteria and fungi.
Great anti-ageing and stain resistance.
Total colour uniformity.
Excellent adhesion to any kind of nondeformable substrate.
High mechanical and chemical resistance.
Fully watertight

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