TUTORIAL: Swimming pool renovation and waterproofing


In this tutorial we will show you how to rehabilitate and waterproof your pool. You will learn the steps to follow and the tools you need to carry out the repair and waterproofing of your pool.


1. Repair: We will show how to treat the substrate with pressurised water to validate the adhesion to the substrate and to proceed with the installation of the mosaic on top of an old one. For small repairs and half reeds, we use PROPAM® REPAR TECHNO 20 reinforced with fibres for the non-structural repair of concrete.

2. Waterproofing: To carry out the waterproofing, we will explain how to apply the first and second layers in reverse order to increase the resistance of the substrate to be repaired. For this stage of the process, we will use PROPAM® IMPE FLEX, which will act as a flexible continuous sheet, in addition to the flexible PAM® ECOGEL FLEX glue cement, which will be used after 24 hours, so that the new mosaic can be laid in the pool.

3. Grouting: To finish the rehabilitation and waterproofing process of the pool, we will show you how to apply the grouting, using BORADA® EPOLUXE® decorative epoxy mortar, which is easy to clean.

Would you like to rehabilitate and waterproof your pool?

Follow this tutorial and make your pool look as good as new!