REPAR TECHNO 20 ideal for aesthetic repairs

PROPAM REPAR TECHNO 20 is a thixotropic, non-shrink, sulphur-resistant mortar for regularisation in a thick layer with a fine finish. High adherence, medium mechanical resistance and reinforced with fibres. Specially formulated for the non-structural repair of concrete in aggressive environments.


– Thin film cosmetic repair (2 mm).

– Non-shrink and fibre-reinforced, non-cracking.

– Waterproof.

– Applicable indoors and outdoors.


– Non-structural repair of all types of elements.

– Aesthetic repair of balcony fronts, slab edges, cornices, pillars, etc.

– Complete or specific plastering of façades.

– Surface levelling in swimming pools, tanks, manholes.

– Repairs in coastal and high sulphate areas.

– Production of half reeds.