Repair of a reinforced concrete wall

How to repair a wall, a pillar or any reinforced concrete structure? Here we show you the steps to follow to repair reinforced concrete structures with our repair mortars from the Propam Repar Techno range. Sulphur-resistant thixotropic repair mortars ideal for complex repairs in demanding environments. Rehabilitation of all types of concrete structures where the reinforcement has been exposed and must be protected.


– Structural repair with one product and in one step.

– High mechanical resistance.

– Sulphate resistant.

– High thixotropy.

– Applicable in thicknesses from 2 to 50 mm manually or by spraying.

– Protects armour from corrosion.


– Structural repair of concrete.

– Repair of structural elements in aggressive environments.

– Ideal for pillars, beams, slab edges and slabs.

– Repairs in tunnels and buried structures in aggressive environments.

– Structures under saline environment or in contact with seawater.

– Structural rehabilitation in buildings.


Propam Repar Techno 40 is a sulphur thixotropic, high-strength, fibre-reinforced, thixotropic mortar for the structural repair of concrete.

Propam Repar Techno is a high-strength thixotropic fibre-reinforced mortar for the structural repair of concrete, with rapid hardening.

Propam NF EPO is a high performance epoxy-acrylate resin in cartridge form for structural chemical anchoring.