PROPAM REPAR 20R, mortar for non-structural concrete repairs

PROPAM REPAR 20R is a quick-setting, thixotropic, single-component, non-shrink, thixotropic repair mortar, specially formulated on the basis of high-strength cements and special additives that give it excellent properties, for the execution of small anchorages and non-structural concrete repairs.


– Rapid hardening and setting without cracking.

– Its careful granulometry gives it a fine aesthetic finish, similar to that of the original concrete.

– Consistency very easy to work with.

– Applicable indoors and outdoors.


– Non-structural repairs requiring rapid curing.

– Production of half reeds.

– Cosmetic reconstruction of beams, pillars, edges, quoins.

– Repair, smoothing and renovation of facades, concrete and mortar.

– Rapid regularisation for patching.

– Small anchorages and quick fastening of elements.