PROPAM CAL SEC, the dehumidifying mortar for façades

PROPAM CAL SEC is a lime mortar ideal for combating damp in the home. Suitable for the restoration and rehabilitation of old buildings or to prevent damp in new buildings.


– It can be finished in any way (smooth, scraped, trowelled, swirled, trowelled, etc.).

– High impermeability to rainwater.

– Contains an addition of hydraulic binder of less than 5% which gives the mortar a higher initial strength and better adhesion to the substrate.

– Typical application thickness 20 mm (40 mm in two coats).

– Suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

– Highly decorative finish.


– Ideal as a dehumidifying plaster on stone, brick, concrete block and mixed walls affected by rising damp.

– Suitable for use in new construction, restoration and rehabilitation of buildings due to its high compatibility with traditional systems and mortars.

– Particularly suitable as a substrate for the application of silicate paints.