PROPAM® PUR HYBRID is a two component water-based polyurethane-acrylic hybridliquid membrane which once polymerised forms a continuous, seamless, impermeable elasticmembrane, used to waterproof and protect surfaces.



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Fields of application

Waterproofing all kinds of roofs.
Waterproofing patios and balconies.
Waterproofing wet areas under floor tiles, such as bathrooms, changing rooms, patios, etc.
Waterproofing flower beds, gardens and green roofs.
Treating joins in chimneys.
Treating and waterproofing façade and chimney joints.
Protecting and repairing roof tiles, fibre cement roofs and guttering.


Elasticity above 300 %.
Excellent adherence on all kinds of substrates.
Great fissure bridging capacity.
Impermeable to water and permeable to water vapour, allowing the surface to breathe.
It forms a continuous coating without joints or overlaps, adapting to the irregularities of the substrate andthe singular points.
Easy to apply manually or using a gun.
High resistance to weather conditions and sun exposure (UV rays).
Water-based, non-toxic, solvent-free, odourless.
Thixotropic, can be applied vertically.
High resistance to stagnant water.


The recommended consumption, as a waterproofing membrane, is between 1,5 – 2 Kg / m2 applied in two or three layers reinforced with BETOFIBER POLIESTER.
The recommended consumption as protective paint is between 0.8 and 1.2 kg per m2.
However it is advisable to adjust the amounts and the final thickness according to the conditioning factorsof the project, the usage and the substrate.

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