LEAKINJECT 2K FLEX, is a flexible two-component, solvent-free polyurethane resin with very low viscosity for injecting, that can be used to elastically block, seal and fill dry and wet fissures and even small water leaks. It complies with the requirements of standard EN 1504-5. It has CE Marking 2+, for uses in building and civil engineering works of all kinds.



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Fields of application

Blocking, sealing and elastically filling joints and cracks that are dry or where water is present.
Sealing of concrete joints and shrinkage fissures in concrete slabs subject to counterpressure.
Injection sealing small fissures in buried structures, tunnels, basements, galleries, tanks, swimming pools, deposits, etc.
Injecting masonry walls and natural stone to control rising damp.
Blocking small water leaks.
Final injection sealing of joints previously treated with LEAKINJECT.


It forms a filling and an elastic, flexible seal inside the cracks and joints.
It does not need to be in contact with water to react.
If it does come into contact with water, it forms a light, slow reacting, dense and concentrated foam that can seal even small water leaks.
No shrinkage after hardening, guaranteeing dimensional stability. Once hardened, it does not swell in the presence of water.
Extremely low viscosity, even during the injection process, which is maintained constant until the reaction starts, which allows sealing even in small shrinkage fissures.
Excellent adherence to usual construction materials such as concrete, brick, metal and some plastics.
Easy injection. Suitable for use with equipment designed for injecting single component systems.


The consumption will vary depending on the use and application. A test should be carried out on site to determine the approximate amount to be used.

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