Bi-component mortar formulated with cements, synthetic resins, admixtures and
selected aggregates, that form a completely impermeable coating that is very flexible with great adherence, and applicable both under direct and counterpressure. Appropriate for contact with drinking water. It complies with the requirements of standard EN 1504-2.
It has CE Marking 2+, for uses in building and civil engineering works of all kinds.



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Fields of application

Waterproofing and protecting any kind of tank intended to contain water.
Waterproofing tanks for drinking water.
Waterproofing tunnels, retaining walls, canals, silos, refrigeration towers, etc.
Waterproofing swimming pools.
Waterproofing buried structures like basements, garages or galleries subject to direct pressure or counterpressure.
Waterproofing the outside of retaining walls in new buildings.
Waterproofing structures subject to small movements or vibrations.
Protecting concrete structures from the effects of salt and freezing-thawing cycles.
Protecting structures in a marine and biogenic environment.
Protecting concrete against carbonation.
Waterproofing and protection of road and rail bridge boards.


Completely flexible and elastic coating.
Excellent adhesion strength, bonding primer not necessary.
It provides a completely waterproof coating and also fills all the hollows and pores on the substrate, really making it a continuous surface.
Excellent impermeability.
Bridges static and dynamic cracks even at temperatures below 0ºC.
Permeable to water vapour.
Applicable on wet substrates.
It withstands high pressure, both direct pressure and counterpressure.
Appropriate for contact with drinking water.
Applicable on concrete substrates, mortar renderings, brick, block, or natural stone.
Great resistance against the effects of salt water, freezing-thawing cycles and atmospheric agents.
Free of chlorides, organic matter and metallic aggregates which, together with its high pH, ensure protection against the corrosion of metal elements, anchorings, etc.
Great durability. Maintenance-free.
Easy to apply by brush or projection.
It is supplied pre-dosed, mixed and ready.
Resists chlorides and sulfates
It maintains its properties against UV. Weather resistant


1-1,5 Kg/m2 per layer.

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