ROUNDEX is a circular section, closed cell, polyethylene foam profile, designed to be used as a joint base and depth limiter in all kinds of seals and cold expansion joints.



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Fields of application

Base delimiter of joint depth to guarantee a correct joint factor according to the characteristics of the sealant used in:
External façade joints.
Joints of dam walls.
Pavement joints, watertightness joints in bays.
Sealing heavy and lightweight pre-fabricated structures.
General masonry work. Glazings.


It is not adherent to the sealant, therefore allowing the putty to move elastically sideways without tension at the bottom.
Very low water absorption thanks to its closed cell structure.
Good chemical strength against solvents and chemical products.
Very good adaptability, handling and easy fixing.
It provides a convex surface at the bottom of the seal.
Very easy and economical to place and, in exchange, it provides control over the amount of putty used
and the quality and final mix of the seal.

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