PROPAM® CARBOCOMP is a system based on using unidirectional carbon fibre (CFRP) laminates with great tensile mechanical strength, for reinforcing concrete, steel and wooden structures.



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Fields of application

Structural changes:
Traction reinforcements in elements subject to bending such as beams, joists, slabs.
Removing supporting elements (walls, columns…).
Opening of gaps in slabs for installations, stairs, etc.
Changes in use:
Due to increases in service loads.
Installing heavy machinery in buildings.
Increase in traffic on bridges.
Appearance of vibrations in the structure, earthquake reinforcements.
Structural deterioration or damage in service:
Ageing of the materials making up the structure.
Reduction of the rebar sections due to corrosion.
Reduction of arrows and deformations.
Controlling, reducing and stitching structural cracks and fissures.
It improves the structure’s behaviour against fatigue.
Execution or project errors:
Insufficient rebar or poorly fixed.
Drop in the envisaged concrete strength.
Cutting resistant elements and rebars with a drill.


Very high mechanical strength, ten times higher than steel.
Very lightweight, unnoticeable weight in the structural calculation.
Versatile: various widths available and its length adjustable to each element without joints.
Its minimum thickness allows it to maintain the original shape and appearance of the structure.
Very easy to transport and install.
It does not show corrosion, and is maintenance-free.
Excellent fatigue strength.
Excellent durability and good chemical strength.
Rough surface that facilitates the adherence of the adhesive.

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