PROPAM® REPAR TECHNO 40 is a sulforesistant thixotropic repair mortar with high adhesion without shrinkage, high mechanical resistance, protector for the structural repair of concrete under aggressive environments, reinforced with fibers and specially formulated to prolong the corrosion reinforcement by inhibiting its oxidation. It complies with the requirements of EN 1504-3 class R4, EN 1504-2 and EN 1504-7. It has CE 2+ Marking, for uses in building and civil engineering works of all kinds.



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Fields of application

Restoring the concrete to its originally specified shape and function by means of mortar applied manually or by projection (Principle 3 CR, method 3.1 and 3.3 acc. to EN 1504-9).
Structural reinforcement by increasing the bearing capacity of the concrete structures by adding mortar (Principle 4 SS, method 4.4 of EN 1504-9).
Restoring the passivation by increasing the coating with cement mortar and replacing the contaminated or carbonated concrete (Principle 7 RP, methods 7.1 and 7.2 acc. to EN 1504-9).
Humidity control by protection (Principle 2 MC, method 2.3 acc. to EN 1504-9).
Increase in resistivity through impregnation (Principle 8 IR, method 8.2 acc. to EN 1504-9).
Control of the anodic areas by coating the rebar with a barrier coating (Principle 11 CA, method 11.2 acc. to EN 1504-9).
Structural repair of all kinds of elements subject to aggressive environments such as:
– Columns, beams, joists, wrought iron edges and slabs, made with anti-sulphate cements.
– Chimneys, cooling towers or bays, etc.
– Decanters, digesters, purifying plants, etc.
– Tunnels and buried structures in aggressive environments.
– Structures in saline environments or in contact with sea water.
– Rehabilitating building structures.


It allows implementing the structural repair with just one product and in one step.
Sulphate resistant.
High thixotropy, applicable in thicknesses of 2 to 80 mm, manually or by projection.
High mechanical strength.
No shrinkage and reinforced with fibres, it does not crack.
Its accurate granulometry provides a cosmetic finish similar to that of the original concrete.
Free of chlorides, its high pH protects against the corrosion of metal elements, such as rebars, anchorings, etc.
Excellent adhesion strength to concrete, even on substrates that are not very porous.
Applicable indoors and outdoors.
High resistance to carbonation and the freezing-thawing cycles.
Can be applied by projection.
It withstands temperatures between -50 ºC and +500 ºC.
Excellent workability.
Protects the armor from corrosion by passivating its oxidation

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