PROPAM® NF EPO is a styrene-free two-component epoxy-acrylate resin, that is thixotropic and high-performing. It is packaged in coaxial cartridge with dosage and automatic in-nozzle mixing, designed for implementing structural anchorings. ETA certificate according to EAD 330087-00-06.01, EAD 330499-01-06.01 and EOTA TR 049.



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Fields of application

Structurally attaching corrugated steel bars in concrete.
Anchoring high responsibility threaded rods on concrete and stone substrates and solid brick walls.
Anchoring truss-out scaffolds in connections of slabs and wrought iron to slurry walls.
Attaching anchoring plates in prefabricated elements.
• Fixing anchorings in ventilated façades.
• Anchoring connectors for screeds on slabs and wrought iron.
• Attaching heavy elements: luminaires, balconies, stairs, etc.


Excellent behaviour in structural anchorings with static and dynamic loads, flow and fatigue.
Easy and quick to apply using the system with coaxial cartridge and automatic nozzle mixer.
Implementing anchorings comfortably and cleanly, guaranteeing a correct, even mixture.
It allows anchoring on substrates such as concrete, solid brick, mortar, rock, etc.
Free of styrene and low-odour.
Resistant to aggressions from chemical agents.
High mechanical performance with small embedding.
Anchoring without expansion pressure.
Thixotropic consistency that means horizontal or domed anchorings can be made.
Quick hardening.
Applicable on dry and wet concrete.
Suitable for use in cracked or non-cracked concrete and seismic C1 and C2 .
Suitable for use with drinking water (BS 6920).
It allows small distances on the edge and for separation between anchorings.
Flexible embedding depth.
Used for elevated temperatures – temperature ranges I, II and III

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