Structural repair of a reinforced concrete column with Propam Repar Techno Fluid mortar

How to repair a reinforced concrete column?

Here we show you the steps to follow for the repair of a concrete pillar using probably the best fluid mortar on the market Propam Repar Techno Fluid specially formulated for the repair and structural reinforcement of Concrete under aggressive environments.


– Structural repair of concrete.

– Flowable mortar, easy application by pouring or pumping.

– Non-expansive, non-shrink and fibre-reinforced.

– Protects armour from corrosion.


– Restoration of concrete to original form and function.

– Structural reinforcement by increasing the load-bearing capacity.

– Repair of structural elements in aggressive vertical and horizontal environments.

– Repairs in tunnels, industrial structures, marinas, water treatment plants, etc. in aggressive environments.

– Structures under saline environment or in contact with seawater.

– Structural rehabilitation in buildings.

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