Protection of concrete structures by corrosion inhibitors. CORTEC MCI 2021

Concrete protection with corrosion inhibitors: CORTEC MCI 2021

CORTEC MCI 2021 is a surface sealant using migratory corrosion inhibitors to protect reinforced concrete against corrosion. It penetrates the concrete by migrating through the pores of the structure, forming a protective film around the reinforcement against corrosion.


– Protects against the effects of corrosion even in dense concrete.

– The migratory inhibitor stops corrosion in rusted areas.

– Easy to apply by spary, roller, sprayer.

– Protects against acid and chemical attack.

– Increases the durability of reinforced concrete and increases its resistance to abrasion.


– Marine structures.

– Restoration and repair of all concrete structures.

– Protection against corrosion due to carbonation, de-icing salts or atmospheric attack of:

– Reinforced, precast, prestressed, post-tensioned or marine concrete structures.

– Bridges, motorways, concrete streets with steel reinforcement exposed to corrosive environments.

– Parking platforms, ramps and garages.

– Concrete piers, piles, pillars, pipes and utility poles.

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