Mortars with migrating corrosion inhibitors, maximum protection of reinforced concrete

New Generation Mortars: Mortars with migratory corrosion inhibitors

Reinforced concrete structures deteriorate due to attacks on the concrete itself or corrosion of its reinforcement. The presence of pollutants, such as atmospheric carbon dioxide and chlorides, cause this deterioration, as they favour the oxidation of the steel. These two phenomena, concrete carbonation and chloride attack, make continuous maintenance tasks essential throughout the life of the structure and, therefore, an additional cost. This is why at Molins we have innovated with the launch of this new generation of mortars with migratory corrosion inhibitors that offer additional protection to reinforced concrete against external agents, increasing the durability of the concrete, prolonging its useful life, reducing repairs and reducing the carbon footprint, all of which is much more sustainable for the environment. We hope to be able to show with this video in a clear and simple way how MCI migratory corrosion inhibitors work.

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