PROPAM IMPE FLEX is a hydraulic mortar that acts as a flexible waterproofing coating. It is formulated with cement, selected aggregates and special waterproofing resins.

If you are looking to waterproof a roof, a terrace or a swimming pool, this is the ideal product for you. Say goodbye to humidity at home thanks to PROPAM IMPE FLEX.


– Waterproofs for and against hydrostatic pressure.

– Permeable to water vapour, thus avoiding possible condensation.

– High adhesion on a wide variety of concrete and masonry surfaces.

– Suitable for contact with drinking water.


– Interior and exterior waterproofing of concrete and masonry.

– Waterproofing above and below the water table.

– Suitable for terraces and balconies and all applications where there are strong temperature changes.

– Flexible waterproof coating on walls and floors of showers, bathrooms and washbasins, prior to ceramic tiling.