Levelling and subsequent laying of ceramic flooring

For the correct installation of a thin-bed ceramic floor tile, it is necessary to have a substrate in good condition and with an adequate planimetry. The solution consists of usingNIVELANTE 10, NIVELANTE 80orBETOLEVEL® 15, self-levelling mortars that set quickly, have excellent adhesion and are very hard, allowing the substrate to be easily, quickly and safely screeded and prepared prior to laying the ceramic tiles.



Check the state of the substrate, it must be resistant and completely set and free of dust, paint, oils, etc…

Check existing differences in flatness, choosing the material best suited to these differences.

Repair all small holes and degraded areas with the same levelling mortarNIVELANTE 10, NIVELANTE 80orBETOLEVEL® 15, or withPROPAM® REPAR 5,PROPAM® REPAR 40orPROPAM® REPAR TECHNOif the substrate is concrete. To prepare the substrate with a primer prior to the application ofNIVELANTE 10, NIVELANTE 80orBETOLEVEL® 15:

  • Porous substrates:PROPAM® PRIMER SOL.
  • Non-porous substrates:PROPAM® GRIP +.

Respect expansion and contraction joints.

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KneadNIVELANTE 10, NIVELANTE 80orBETOLEVEL® 15with a slow electric mixer (500 rpm), leave to stand for 2 minutes and mix again to have the paste ready for use.

PourNIVELANTE 10, NIVELANTE 80orBETOLEVEL® 15on the substrate and spread with a trowel to facilitate levelling.Use a spiked roller to deaerate the mixture and to facilitate levelling.

If a second coat is to be applied, it must be applied as soon as the first coat can be walked on (approx. 4 hours).

As a general rule, wait 24 hours before covering with ceramic.


  • Do not apply on soils with permanent moisture or susceptible to capillary rising.
  • Apply between + 5ºC and + 35ºC temperature.
  • In order to apply a second coat, the first coat must not be completely dry, if this is the case, it is necessary to prime withPROPAM® GRIP +.
  • It is recommended to usePROPAM® DURas a consolidating agent for old mortars and concretes, before applying the product, waiting 12 hours for it to dry.
  • Respect the mixing water and mix the product correctly, avoiding the introduction of too much air.
  • The maximum thickness per coat indicated forNIVELANTE 10is 10 mm and forBETOLEVEL® 1515 mm.
  • UseNIVELANTE 80for thick levelling (up to 100 mm).
  • In specific cases of rapid tile installation or for the installation of large format ceramics, useVAT® FLEX RAPID (C2FTES1) or VAT® SUPERFLEX RAPID (C2FTES2), cementitious adhesives with rapid setting, high adhesion capacity and deformable or very deformable respectively, to minimise the stresses that may be transmitted to the ceramic tile due to the immaturity of the substrate.
  • On substrates with radial heating, turn off the heating 24 hours before application.