PROPAM® PUR is a pigmented, single component polyurethane liquid membrane which, once polymerised, forms a continuous, impermeable and very elastic membrane, that is weather resistant and has excellent adhesion, for waterproofing and protecting surfaces.



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Fields of application

Waterproofing all kinds of roofs, even those with intense traffic.
Waterproofing patios and balconies.
.Waterproofing wet areas under floor tiles, such as bathrooms, changing rooms, patios, etc.
Waterproofing water ducts and channels.
Waterproofing water tanks.
Waterproofing flower beds, gardens and green roofs.
Waterproofing the outside of buried structures in public works and building.


Great elasticity, over 600 %.
Excellent adherence on all kinds of substrates.
Great fissure bridging capacity.
Resistant to temperatures, maintaining its characteristics between -40 ºC and +80 ºC.
Totally waterproof. Suitable for permanent immersion.
Permeable to water vapour, allowing the substrate to transpire.
Good chemical, impact and abrasion strength.
It forms a continuous coating without joints or overlaps, completely adhered to the substrate and the singular points.
Easy to apply, ready for use manually or using a gun.
High resistance to weather conditions and UV rays.


The recommended consumption is between 1.5 and 2 kg per m2, applied in two or three layers, with a final thickness of between 1.2 and 1.6 mm.
However it is advisable to adjust the amounts and the final thickness according to the conditioning factors of the project, the usage and the substrate.

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