Civil work

Optimization of time and processes

We provide the means and technology required to solve the prefabricated needs of administrations, engineers and contractors in large civil works projects. Our objective, in addition to supplying material, is to create value and innovate with tailored solutions for each project, addressing its specific needs for service, aesthetics and functionality. Furthermore, our extensive production capacity, which is distributed throughout the national territory, gives us solvency and speed.

  • Road, railway and roof bridges: isostatic and hyperstatic structures with double T beams, inverted T beams, troughs and monobeams. Piles, lintels and capitals. Double-supported and cantilevered slabs and pre-slabs. Polyplates.
  • Earth retaining walls: ribbed walls, L-shaped walls, porticos and reinforced floor.
  • Tunnels: biarticulated, triarticulated vaults and voussoirs.
  • Irrigation canals: canal ATMs and irrigation ditches.
  • Conduits.

How do we do it?

Our conventional designs are combined with unique projects; Expert teams in engineering, industrial and production redesign structures that make the most of the advantages that prefabricated elements bring to each project. In addition, we have a highly efficient logistics and assembly department, as well as professionals in the special transport of beams of great lengths and weights.

Solutions for civil works