Plate track

Products that are used in tracks that do not incorporate a layer of ballast, which is why it is also called plate track, the elements are supported or embedded in a concrete slab. PRECON supplies products for slab track in the form of biblock sleepers, monoblock sleepers (bituminous track), reinforced slabs, prestressed slabs, blocks (a single piece of concrete) and blocks (two pieces of concrete joined by an elastomer.

PRECON is the reference supplier of products for plate track , having supplied all the most used systems in the different Railway Administrations. The different design parameters and fastenings of the supplied models can be seen in the models table.

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Dutch DFC Bowl Bowl Bowl Bowl BowlE-clip Fastclip E-clip M3H VAPE + SKL1 3 wiresMeter Metro Metro Conventional Metro – Conventional Metro Rigid Rigid Elastomer under block Elastomer under block Elastomer under block  Low heel elastomer

Model FixationApplicationElasticity
Dutch DutchE-clip VAPE + SKL1Metro   Meter Cork + elastomer Cork + elastomer

Cazoleta  Cazoleta Cazoleta  Bowl  Direct Thyoller – Resin Cam Screw Nabla SKL1 Nabla High speed Conventional – Metro Conventional – Metro Metro TramLow elastomer sleeper Low elastomer naughty  Elastomer under sleeper  Elastomer under sleeper  Rigid

< td>Various Fastclip or e-clip 
Prestressed ReinforcementConventional – Metro High speedElastomer and neoprene Rigid

< td>Elasticity
BituminousSKL1High speedRigid
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