We carry out periodic tests to guarantee the highest quality of our raw materials and final products. All the products we manufacture are subject to strict quality control to ensure compliance with current regulations and provide our clients with certificates such as CE marking or approvals.

Own laboratories

4 Laboratories in fixed facilities

Equipped with the most modern and pioneering machinery, they allow us to carry out 99% of the tests necessary for the definition and control of the products we produce.

1 Laboratory in aggregates plant

To specifically carry out analysis of the aggregates that are supplied as raw materials for concrete, asphalt and mortar plants. Having a laboratory in the facility itself allows tests to be carried out on the same production line, which accelerates the response capacity and guarantees the quality of the aggregates.

Mobile laboratories

They serve large jobs that require a dedicated concrete plant.


The people who make up our quality team are professionals who have specific training, and intense dedication and passion for the product. Made up of Product technicians and the team of workers, who carry out exhaustive control of all products and raw materials every day. The raw materials with which we manufacture our products are the key to success. Some examples of types of analysis that we perform:

Dosage optimization

Physical tests that allow us to obtain the best possible mix of raw materials.

Optimization of dosages for large volumes

Made in collaboration with our clients to adapt the product to the specific needs of each work.

Development of new products

Based on the needs transmitted to us by our clients, we work to obtain the most appropriate product or service.

Teacher training

Our team of professionals periodically carries out training at universities, professional associations, etc. to disseminate the characteristics of the products.

Advice and prescription of products

Selecting the most appropriate product for each case is essential to achieve customer satisfaction. We dedicate a large part of our effort to the advice and prescription phase, it is decisive to guarantee the best solution.

Presence in Standardization Committees and specialized entities

The presence of the Quality Director allows not only to be up to date with legislative developments, but also to go one step further and lead these regulatory changes, ensuring that they are at the service of companies.

We participate directly in the AENOR committees (National Technical Committee 83 concretes and National Technical Committee 146 aggregates), AFAM (Technical Committee), ANEFHOP (Technical Committee) and GREMI D’ÀRIDS de Catalunya.

Tests in accordance with current regulations

Service for testing special products for third parties

Our laboratory is a reference center for external companies and Universities. It is equipped with the most innovative technology, we can carry out the vast majority of the necessary tests to guarantee the quality and homogeneity of the products.



Harmonized CE standards for aggregates: aggregates for mortar, concrete, granular layers, bituminous mixtures, ballast and breakwaters.

Solid recovered fuel

Calorific value and percentage of chlorine.


Tests contemplated in the CE: plastering and plastering, and masonry.


Tests contemplated in EHE08 and EN206.

Special products

Specific tests

Our technical team and processes

Our teams are made up of highly competent professionals. They guarantee full control of all our products and raw materials and allow us to participate in national technical committees.


Our technical and laboratory teams carry out quality controls that go beyond current regulations. In this way we ensure that we meet the most demanding standards in terms of raw materials, products and processes.

Control and supervision of raw materials

Inspection of weighing and volumetric elements

Dosage control

Quality control on site

Sample collection

Laboratory sample validation

Concrete Expert

The Spanish National Association of Prepared Concrete Manufacturers grants the Concrete Expert distinctive within its “Commitment to Sustainability”. This seal distinguishes our excellence in safety for the people who make and transport the concrete, the quality of the product and respect for the environment.

Technical advice

Our team of professionals works to advise our clients on the different products we can offer to cover their construction needs. Thus, we provide innovative responses that solve problems that arise on site or other possible unforeseen events.

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Integrated quality control

Coordination between maintenance, operations and security departments is key. In this way, we guarantee homogeneous production, achieve maximum availability of our production centers and ensure the safety and health of our staff.

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