Technical advice

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Innovative solutions

One of our objectives is to be close to our clients and solve any problems or doubts that may arise during the development of the work. For this reason, we offer technical advice from a team of professionals ready to solve any unforeseen problem: from how and where to use a particular product or what characteristics a material can add to a structural element, to questions about adaptation or types of concrete.

From research to practice

Identifying real needs on the construction site has allowed us to investigate different materials, among others:

  • Self-levelling mortar: Provides flat surfaces after the slab.
  • Heavy concrete: Applications as counterweights or radiation insulators.
  • Lightweight concrete: Used in building rehabilitation structures.
  • Fibre-reinforced concrete: Eliminates or minimises the presence of cracking in small thicknesses.
  • Concretes with high wear resistance: with the use of steel aggregate in their manufacture.
  • Pumped Aerated Concrete: travels fresh from the concrete batching plant.


The development of new products allows us to research, test and develop solutions that respond to the specific needs of a construction site, thus bringing value and knowledge back to the world of construction.

Research and development work is carried out through collaborations with universities and other organisations, which provide new knowledge and allow us to innovate together through tests carried out in our laboratories.