CEM I/A(P) 42.5 R

Our DRAGON IV-SR is a medium-high strength pozzolanic cement designed primarily for use in sulfate-aggressive environments, both in soils and in water and marine environments.


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Additional information

Its main characteristics are

  • Low clinker content.
  • High initial strengths.
  • High fineness.

Recommended for

  • Concrete susceptible to attack by sulphates, both due to their presence in the ground and in water.
  • Maritime works in aggressive or very aggressive environments.
  • Concrete with reactive aggregates.
  • Reinforced concrete.
  • Concrete for non-prestressed prefabricated structural elements.

Not suitable for

  • Compacted dry concrete.
  • High resistance concrete.
  • Concrete for precast prestressed structural elements.
  • Compacted dry concrete.

More information on the applications and uses of this cement can be obtained in the current Cement Reception Instruction (RC) and Structural Concrete Instruction (Structural Code).


Precautions to be taken on site
It is important to pay attention to the curing operations of the final product placed on site, especially in extreme cold or hot, dry and possibly windy climates.


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