Commercial and Exhibition Building – Saltoki Huesca

Warehouse and shop, consisting of a light roof with plan dimensions of 51.50 m x 56.75 m and a 290 m forged at the head of the warehouse. m2. The constructive solution adopted is the modality with porticos at 13.30×14.20 m and 7.50 m façade height.

Facades composed of prefabricated enclosure panels, curved where they meet each other at the corners. On side facades the panel ends in a curve at the top and bottom, forming tangencies with the roof plane. On the rear façade, there is a textured panel.

It is made up of pillars and girders with a double T section in the main roof porch and precast concrete honeycomb plates plus a 5 cm thick compression layer in the slab, made of in situ concrete.

The main roof girders are 80 cm deep and have a purlin between the main roof beams 45 cm edge with half-wood supports. In the slab, the honeycomb plate is 20 cm deep + 5 cm compression layer, the girders are of the inverted T type with a 30 cm drop.



  • Panels with curvatures, architectural