Román García Public School visits our factory in La Puebla de Híjar.

Molins has assumed its social responsibility with the Region and its inhabitants. For this reason, it cares about the education of its little ones, and in this context, on Friday, January 31, it received at its facilities in La Puebla de Híjar the sixth grade boys and girls from the Román García de Albalate del Arzobispo Public School (Teruel). ).

This public center not only has the objective of improving the knowledge of the Region and its resources of all kinds by its students, but, in the case at hand, to deepen the study of the economic sectors, the market, companies, their operation and the productive processes that make them up, all of which are programmed in the area of ​​Social Sciences at the last level of the stage.

Molins supports these initiatives as it consolidates the spirit of Comarca and the company within it.