Plants on site

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Large-scale concrete suppliers

Our on-site plant division has the experience of supplying concrete in the main infrastructure projects carried out in recent years. To this end, we have a fleet of mobile concrete plants capable of manufacturing all types of concrete and mortar, and ready to be installed on site according to the needs of each project.

Characteristics of the installation

  • High production capacity (90m3/h).
  • Assurance of the technical characteristics of the product.
  • Implementation of the installation without the need for civil works.
  • Installation respectful of the environment, safety and health of the human team.
  • Computerised control of the different stages of production, which allows constant traceability of the manufactured product and proven efficiency.
  • Maximum availability ensured by a rigorous maintenance programme.

Field of application

We work on large-scale projects where concrete with unique characteristics is required: gunite, cryogenic concrete, high initial strength, etc. We also participate in works with special characteristics which, due to their geographical location, do not have a supply within reach, where the volume of material required requires an exclusive supply or which, due to their impact on the environment, require the implementation of a works plant.

We install the system, which requires a minimum surface area of approximately 4,000 m2 and two weeks of assembly by our technical team, on the site itself.


We offer great versatility in the manufacture of products because we use six different types of aggregate and four types of cement or binders. In addition, we are flexible in the geometric configuration of the plant and we ensure proven technological solvency both in the design of the installation and in the production process.