Recycled Concrete Aggregates

Valorisation of 100% concrete waste, with a commitment to the circular economy.

These aggregates have their origin in construction and demolition waste (CDW), exclusively from concrete. They are revalued and converted into raw material through a process of crushing and selection. Their quality is guaranteed by approved laboratories, which accredit the optimum quality for their different applications: concrete by dosage, cleaning and structural. Our recycled aggregates are CE marked and have the Applus Mark guarantee for use in concrete according to the Structural Code.


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Field of application

    • Concrete manufacture.
    • Structural concrete.
    • Concrete by dosage.
    • Cleaning concrete.
    • Mortars.
  • Mortars.
  • Blocks.

Origen y composición de los áridos reciclados


We promote the circularity of product life.

  • Recycled aggregates replace the consumption of natural resources.
  • We reduce the amount of waste generated.
  • As they are recycled products, waste is not sent to landfill.
  • The product obtained is 100% recyclable
  • Recycled aggregates from concrete are homogeneous and respond favourably to compaction.
  • It allows compliance with the law 5/2020 art. 147.2. where it is required that 5% by weight of the total foreseen aggregates must be of recycled origin.

Application and supply system

Product available in bulk and in big bag, both in plant and on site. We manufacture different fractions of aggregates:

  • 0/4 mm
  • 4/10 mm
  • 4/20 mm
  • 10/20 mm
  • 0/20 mm
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Big-bag, With a bathtub lorry

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