Dry concrete (silo / bag)

Combination of aggregates, cement and additives, dosed and mixed in a concrete batching plant. Mixture prepared for mixing with the recommended water. The formula, defined by the Molins quality department, is designed to obtain the greatest malleability and workability of the product required by the client.


Additional information

Field of application

  • Small repair works.
  • Concreting of non-structural elements.
  • Placement of manholes, lamp post bases, etc.
  • Paving.
  • Bases of pavements, etc.
  • Channelling.


  • Formula adapted to the specific needs of the client.
  • Availability and speed of supply: the customer decides the quantity of product and the time of supply, without the need for a large surface area to collect the different materials.
  • Quality and homogeneity of the product: it arrives at the construction site already prepared, only the recommended amount of water needs to be added.
  • Control of the manufacturing process and traceability of the raw materials.
  • Can be made with white cement or grey cement.
  • Environmentally friendly. It generates little waste at the end of its use because it has only one packaging, in the form of a big bag or silo.
  • Quick: the product is prepared and ready for use.
  • The sales units allow the product and transport to be adapted to the customer’s needs.

Application system

  • The customer carries out the final mixing, adding the recommended amount of water (as indicated on the product sheet).
  • The supply is mainly carried out in two ways:
    • By means of 1 ton big bags.
    • By installing a silo on site that can be refilled by tanker truck according to the customer’s needs.

Technical characteristics

Cement dosage >175 kg/t
Dry bulk density 1750-1850 Kg/m3
Maximum aggregate size 10 mm.
Fresh bulk density 2400-2600 Kg/m3
Mixing water 10% s.p.h.s.
Consistency when fresh Soft
Occluded air 4-5%
Compressive strength (28 days) 25 MPa
Workability time 90 min
Pigmentation Compatible with inorganic dyes
Format Bulk, bags, Big-Bag
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Bagging, Silo, With tanker truck

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