Cryogenic Concrete

A homogeneous mixture of aggregates, cement, water and additives of a specific nature which, in specific proportions, gives it the properties of concrete while maintaining them unalterable, with the added value of a high resistance to extreme freezing and thawing cycles. Cryogenic concrete has been chosen to solve the problem caused by extreme changes in temperature. Temperature fluctuations considerably reduce the strength of conventional concrete. With cryogenic concrete, on the other hand, this loss is very small and the desired strength can be maintained.


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Field of application

Tanks and pipelines designed to contain products at very low temperatures, such as liquefied natural gas.


  • Resistance to extreme freezing and thawing cycles (-200º C).
  • Capacity for the construction of elements with large volumes and particular shapes.
  • Low maintenance cost compared to steel tanks which, due to corrosion, require continuous maintenance.

Application System

  • Similar to that required for conventional concrete.
  • Prior to the manufacturing process, raw materials are strictly selected and analysed.
  • During manufacture, control of the raw materials and the process is maintained to ensure the homogeneity of the product and its subsequent characteristics.

Technical characteristics

Resistance (N/mm2) 35 / 40 / 45 / 50
Consistency F / L
Maximum aggregate size 10 mm / 20 mm
Environments Class: Adaptable to CodE specifications.
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