Recycled concrete aggregates

These aggregates have their origin in construction and demolition waste (CDW). They are subjected to a recycling process that revalues them and converts them into raw materials. They are analysed by accredited laboratories, controlling the optimum quality for their different applications. They are very useful in the manufacture of concrete, as well as being used directly in fillings. They are CE marked.


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Field of application

  • Bases and sub-bases in roads.
  • Filling of ditches, verges and levelling.
  • Walls, backfilling.
  • Forest tracks, rural roads and their maintenance.
  • Concrete.


  • Recycled aggregates replace the consumption of noble aggregates or aggregate aggregates in applications that require low resistance, optimising their use.
  • Product with environmental labelling type II (eco) ISO 14021. Endorsed by TÜV:
    • Recycled material and recycled content.
    • Recyclable material.
    • Reduction in the consumption of natural aggregates.
    • Waste reduction.
    • Recycled aggregates from concrete are homogeneous and respond favourably to compaction.

Application and supply system

The application of recycled aggregates is carried out in the same way as conventional aggregates and aggregate. In bulk, both at the plant and on site and, for its application, advice is offered by PromsaGreen’s technical staff.

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