Self Compacting Concrete

Characteristics that give it the capacity to completely fill formwork moulds by gravity. It is compacted by the action of its own weight, without leaving voids and without the need for vibration or other compaction systems.


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Field of application

  • Structural works and where the reinforcement density is higher than normal, elements of high slenderness, civil engineering and building work.
  • Works where, due to their complexity, it is very difficult to vibrate.
  • It allows the filling of formworks with complex shapes, without the need for vibration.


  • Easy to apply, quick to execute.
  • Ability to fluidly fill the entire formwork volume homogeneously.
  • Improved work performance and cost, thanks to its easy application on site.
  • Can be used in formwork with complicated geometries, slender thicknesses or dense reinforcement.
  • Compatible with fibre reinforcement or the addition of dyes.
  • Greater durability and impermeability of the finished product.
  • Meets aesthetic and architectural design requirements.
  • Reduces the emission of noise and vibrations to the environment and to the people who carry out the application on site.

Application system

  • Thanks to the fluidity of the product, it can be applied by direct pouring, bucket or pumping.
  • No vibration is required.
  • It requires a robust and sized formwork for the product to be applied.

Technical characteristics

Resistance (N/mm2) 35 / 40 / 45 / 50 / 60
Consistency Self-compacting
Maximum aggregate size 10 mm / 20mm
Environments Class: Adaptable to CodE specifications.
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With concrete mixer truck

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