PROLIMIT+ is a high-performance concrete specially designed for pavements subjected to the most adverse conditions such as freeze-thaw. It is a variant of PROLIMIT, a concrete that achieves characteristic compressive and residual flexural strengths without having to use single or double reinforcement. PROLIMIT+ meets the durability needs of pavements subjected to extreme conditions thanks to its provision of structural fibres, in accordance with annex 7 of the CodE “Recommendations for the use of concrete with fibres” and annex 14 of the EHE-08. The PROLIMIT+ formula is composed of structural polymeric fibres, creating continuous and aesthetic surfaces with high performance under the most adverse conditions, providing a seamless result.


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Field of application

All types of floorings subject to freeze-thaw conditions, e.g:

  • Outdoor pavements.
  • Car park entrances.
  • Pavements (from 10 cm thick).


  • EFFICIENCY: greatly facilitates laying because it does not require explicitly the pumping of the concrete or the prior assembly of the reinforcement.
  • QUALITY: meets the desired strength and optimum laying. The consistency it provides avoids the addition of water to the concrete on site, as well as its good workability. We guarantee the residual strength of the concrete.
  • SAFETY: the elimination of reinforcement makes it easier to work on safer and more stable surfaces. It also saves ergonomic positions when placing the electrowelded mesh.
  • SAVING: faster laying, elimination of reinforcement and reduction of the number of cuts in the pavement and subsequent maintenance.
  • VERSATILITY: multiple finishes that allow for classic concrete paving such as trowelling or polishing by mechanical means, as well as adaptation to different needs.


Application System

  • PROLIMIT+ is applied in fluid or liquid consistency and always by specialised Molins equipment.
  • Pumpable product.
  • The subbase must be of good quality and well compacted to ensure a good base for the concrete.
  • PROLIMIT+ requires an acceptable external curing of 4 days, with continuous watering of the entire surface.
  • The behaviour of PROLIMIT+ is that of a conventional concrete. It is mostly applied by direct pouring, although it can also be pumped.

Technical characteristics

Maximum aggregate size 10 / 20mm
Consistency F – L
Compressive strength (28 days) > 25 , 30 , 35 Mpa
Thickness >10-15cm
Environments – General class I / IIa / IIb
Environments – Specific Class H / F
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