PROHEAT TERM mortar is specially designed for high efficiency and energy performance flooring such as radiant floors or construction solutions where high thermal conductivity is required. PROHEAT TERM is part of the Molins TECH product range, specially designed to improve the performance of radiant installations thanks to its formulation with graphene, a carbon compound which, when added to the mortar, provides great benefits, including improved conductivity.

The high performance of PROHEAT formulated with technological additives makes it an efficient product with high energy performance, designed for the most sustainable building or industrial solutions.


Additional information


Field of application

  • Building: underfloor heating.
  • Industrial uses: heated chambers.
  • Flooring with high thermal conductivity


  • Contains graphene, increases conductivity: Graphene is carbon in a lamellar state, which is characterised, among other things, by its high thermal conductivity.
  • Homogeneity: PROHEAT TERM is supplied fresh by concrete mixer truck from the concrete plant, guaranteeing the homogeneity of the product.
  • Self-levelling: With self-levelling capacity, capable of flowing and covering any part or corner of the application surface.
  • Ease of application and high performance: Thanks to its liquid consistency and to the fact that it is pumped, it can be applied quickly on site.
  • More sustainable: As it is pumped, no waste is generated on site (pallets, plastics, surplus material, etc.). It actively contributes to the improvement of the score in the different environmental labels such as LEED, BREAM, etc.
  • Compatible with other thermal and acoustic insulation.

Application system

  • Supplied by truck mixer.
  • Pumpable (same as self-levelling mortar).
  • Applied by the Molins paving team.

Technical characteristics

Compressive strength C-20
Minimum thickness 5cm
Thermal conductivity 1,2 W/ m*K **
Maximum aggregate size 4mm
Fresh density 1.900Kg/m3
Consistency Liquid
Fibre reinforced Yes

** Results according to ASTM D5334 test.

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With concrete mixer truck

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