Lightweight concrete

Based on cement, light aggregates, additives and water as main components, this concrete is designed to achieve a specific weight of 1,400 to 1,800 Kg/m3 and with the required resistance capacity. This concrete is suitable for screeds that need little weight, as well as for light insulating roofs.


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Field of application

  • Thermal and acoustic insulation, such as pitched and pitch-free roofs.
  • Renovation of old buildings. Floor slabs, incorporating little weight to the structure.
  • Fire resistant structures.
  • Structures that need little weight, without losing strength.


  • Low weight when re-building or covering certain areas of a structure to be rehabilitated.
  • Reduces the section required.
  • Reduces the loads on the structure, lightening the existing weight.
  • Higher performance, thanks to the speed of its installation.

Application System

  • It can be done by bucket or direct pouring, depending on the requirements of the work and the access to the pouring points.
  • Light vibrating process after application.
  • Curing process by watering or with specific additives for curing.

Technical characteristics

Strength (N/mm2) (Concrete by dosage) 20 / 25
Consistency P / B / F
Maximum aggregate size 10 mm
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