Dry mortar (silo)

Homogeneity, cleanliness and availability

Mixture of cement, aggregate and additive which, prepared in the factory, guarantees its resistance. The material is supplied in bucket lorries and unloaded into a silo, with a capacity of approximately 40t or 22m3. On-site mixing, with the necessary water, results in a homogeneous product with the quantity required for each use. It can be manufactured with grey or white cement, as well as special mortars in other colours. The silos have an auger that, in addition to adding water, extracts the material and mixes it. The pressure silos, another of the options we offer, allow pneumatic transport to any point on the construction site.


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Field of application

The mortar can have different characteristics, depending on its strength or that of its components. Main uses:

  • Load-bearing or infill walls, in enclosures, in exposed brickwork, concrete blocks, brick, thermo-clay, jeros, etc.
  • Plastering.
  • Floors: floor screed, fillings, support for materials laid with adhesives, laying terrazzo.
  • Tile floors and roofs.
  • Tunnels (sprayed mortar)


  • Homogeneity of the product and constant quality, as it is produced in a technologically modern and cutting-edge factory.
  • Cleanliness of the working area.
  • The product is prepared when it is needed and in the precise quantity.
  • The storage area is reduced and protects the product from external agents.
  • Total availability of the product.
  • Safety in the use of machinery and material.
  • Environmental advantages: no dust is emitted during storage, transport and unloading. In addition, no paper bag waste is generated.
  • Improved work performance: easier, faster, cleaner, safer, more environmentally friendly.

Application system

  • The mixing water will be the one indicated in the product data sheet.
  • The product is transported to the site by tanker truck and unloaded into silos that store it and protect it from external agents.
  • The silos provide the site with a large storage capacity in a reduced space. As well as the safety of use, ease of transport and the environmental advantage of having a clean work area, without the emission of particles into the environment.

Tailor-made mortars

We have the capacity to formulate mortars to order. We manufacture all types of mortars:

  • Water-repellent mortar
  • Mortar with white cement
  • Mixed mortar (lime and cement)
  • Projectable mortar
  • Dust-free mortar
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Silo, With tanker truck

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