Recovery of end-of-life tyres (ELTs)

What do we do in these plants?

At the end of their useful life, tyres can have a great impact on the environment. Our end-of-life tyre (ELT) recovery plant in Manresa, Barcelona, is equipped with cutting-edge technology and highly efficient processes, prioritising care for the environment.

All NFU is fully recycled at our facilities. From reception to dispatch, every stage of the process, including shredding and granulation, is rigorously controlled to ensure the quality of the resulting rubber. Our plant converts end-of-life tyres into valuable materials for a variety of uses, from construction to everyday items, helping to mitigate their environmental impact.

What do the recovered materials become?

  • Energy recovery as a substitute fuel: cement production, energy industry, metallurgical industry.
  • Material recovery: building materials, acoustic insulation, parks and sports fields.

How do we do it?

From the moment they arrive at our plant until they are shredded and granulated, used tyres are subjected to strict quality control. In this way, we ensure that they are reused safely.


  • Exhaustive quality control.
  • Diversity of controlled particle sizes.
  • Guaranteed homogeneity.
  • Heat capacity (QC): 35MJ/kg
  • Origin: controlled tyre management.