Tire valuation (NFU)

The recovery plant for NFUs or Tires out of use located in Manresa (Barcelona), has the latest technology and processes of maximum efficiency that respect the Environment. The NFU’s are 100% recycled materials.

From the time the material enters the plant as well as during the crushing, granulation and shipping processes, they are subject to strict quality control to guarantee the properties of the rubber that comes from controlled management.


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  • Exhaustive quality control
  • Diversity of controlled granulometries.
  • Guaranteed homogeneity.
  • Heat capacity (PCI): 35MJ/kg
  • Origin: controlled tire management.


  • Energy Recovery, Replacement fuel in industries such as: Cement manufacturing, energy, metallurgical.
  • Valorization Material: Acoustic insulating construction materials, parks and sports courts

Application system

  • This service requires planning prior to the execution of the works to analyse the proper development of the supply.
  • Each pumping team will require a suitable access and a specific area within the site to settle.

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