CAC ELECTROLAND cement, manufactured by Cementos Molins Industrial, S.A., is a calcium aluminate cement with very high mechanical resistance at 6 and 24 hours and which is also resistant to aggressive environments (sulphates, marine, diluted acids), abrasion and high temperatures (refractory applications). It is also an excellent ally in the formulation of special mortars, joints and high-tech self-levelling pastes. ELECTROLAND is 100% ground clinker with no additives.


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Typical values Specification according to standard and instruction
Clinker(%) 100
AI2O3 (%) 38,5 35 ≤ AI2O3 ≤ 58
CaO (%) 37,5
Fe2O3 (%) 12
FeO (%) 3,5
SiO2 (%) 4,5
IC (%) 0,01 ≤ 0,10
S2 (%) 0,02 ≤ 0,10
SO3 (%) 0,02 ≤ 0,5
Alkalis (%) 0,2 ≤ 0,4
Specific surface area Blaine (cm2/g) 3.200
Start of setting (min) 210 ≥90
Final setting (min) 230 ≤720
Compression at 6h (MPa) 50 ≥18
Compression at 24h (MPa) 75 ≥40
Additional characteristics
Majority mineralogical component CaAI2O4
Seger cone 9(1280ºC)
Secondary mineralogical constituents Ca2FeAIO5, Ca12AI14O33, ß-Ca2SiO4, Ca3TiFe2O8, FeO
Laser grain size D(v,0.9)(μm) less than 70 microns
Bulk density (g/cm3) 1,1
Specific gravity (g/cm3) 3,2
Shipping and storage

•Available in bulk, in big-bags of 1,050 kg, 1,200 kg and 1,500 kg
and in 25 kg bags.
• Sacks and big-bags should be stored in dry places and
• Bulk storage must be done in watertight silos.

Not suitable for

• Structural or prestressed reinforced concrete.
• Mass or reinforced concrete of large volumes.
• Stabilization of soils or foundations treated with cements for
• Mortars and concretes in contact with media that can
release alkalis.
• Forbidden for prestressed concrete, according to the Instruction of the
Structural Concrete (EHE).

Precautions to be taken on site

• Given their high reactivity, mortars and concretes with
Electroland must be cured within the first 24 hours.
• Minimum cement dosage of 400 kg/cm³.
• Maximum water/cement ratio of 0.40, counting the water that
provided by aggregates.
• Clean aggregates, with a few fines smaller than 0.2 mm, and not
capable of releasing alkalis.
• Make sure the concrete is well compacted.

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