Build a wall with glass blocks

SolutionBuild a wall with glass blocks

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A glass block is a very useful material both in construction, decoration and interior decoration, as it can be used to separate different ambiances, showers, outside walls, or simply as decoration.

It is formed by two pieces of molded glass, which are welded at a very high temperature, to create a vacuum air chamber between the two pieces. This air chamber confers the capacity of thermal-acoustic insulation.

Once placed provides highly decorative finishes, given the wide range of formats and colors.

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Check the condition of the substrate, it must be completely set and clean of dust, paint, oils, etc …

It is essential that the substrate is perfectly levellled, only this way we can get a correct placement of the glass blocks.


Knead PROPAM® GLAS with a slow electric mixer (500 rpm) until a smooth, homogeneous mass is obtained.

Reinforce joints between blocks with galvanized steel rods of 4 mm diameter, without coming into contact with the blocks.

Apply PROPAM® GLAS on the glass blocks and place them with the help of crosspieces.

Remove the excess of paste and proceed to the final finishing of the joints with the help of a rubber trowel, if necessary, the final finish of the joint can be profiled with the aid of a pointer.

Dispose off existing debris by wiping the surface with a clean, dry cloth.


  • Do not apply in rainy conditions, nor with temperatures below + 5 ° C or above + 30 ° C.
  • Leave a minimum joint between blocks of 10 mm.
  • The partitions that exceed 3 meters in width will have galvanized rod in each vertical joint.
  • Every two rows fix a galvanized anchoring profile at both ends of the panel.
  • The glass blocks are not structural so they will never carry any load.
  • The maximum area of one side of the partition wall shall not exceed 20 m2
  • In the face of possible dilations and contractions, place an elastic perimeter seal to protect the walls or window openings in direct contact with the glass blocks.